Month: August 2019

Why and How you are alive?

Sometimes, what looks like going wrong at the present moment will ultimately help us. Instead of judging outcome of every battle, it is good to accept that final victory in the war. Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India, 9866018989

How to make a perfect plan?

We all make plans. Plan A, Plan B and Plan C…so many multiple plans. Because, we have a contingency plan, we don’t give our 100%, hence we fail. Motivational video by Squadron Leader JayasimhaPresident World Memory Sports Council for India 98660 18989

Real Diamond

Unexpectedly, life will through us into the furnace, it tests us, turns us and frightens us. If you are a fake diamond, then you will break down and give away. But, if you are a Real Diamond, you will always maintain your cool, balance and composure. Being a Real Diamond helps..Motivational video by Squadron Leader …

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