August, 2019

Lies Need Maintenance

When we tell the truth.. we don’t have to remember anything. Only when we tell lies, then we need to remember as to what we […]

Why and How you are alive?

Sometimes, what looks like going wrong at the present moment will ultimately help us. Instead of judging outcome of every battle, it is good to […]

How to make a perfect plan?

We all make plans. Plan A, Plan B and Plan C…so many multiple plans. Because, we have a contingency plan, we don’t give our 100%, hence […]

Real Diamond

Unexpectedly, life will through us into the furnace, it tests us, turns us and frightens us. If you are a fake diamond, then you will […]

“History” : His – Story

The history doesn’t contain the stories of everyone of us. History contains only stories of few people on this planet, that too..few moments of their […]