Month: September 2019

Run Your Own Race

All of us are running a rat race in life, comparing and trying to prove one step higher. The irony is, even if we win – we will still be a rat. Hence, stop comparing with others and be happy with yourself. Motivational video by Squadron Leader Jayasimha 98660 18989.

Are you not scared ?

Most people would like to avoid risk and play it safe. But nothing is safe in life. Some people die while driving on the road, some while sleeping on the bed. One life.. it is all about going out and playing your game. A video by Squadron Leader Jayasimha 9866018989

Become a World Memory Champion

Become a World Memory Champion. Master Ten Memory Disciplines of World Memory Championships conducted by World Memory Sports Council. Learn all the Memory Disciplines ONLINE from Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India & Multiple Guinness World Record Holder98660 18989 Click here for more details:

Can You give me Guarantee?

Be it for Training, Education or Driving, no one can give us guarantee. For transformation to happen the Source and the Object, both should meet with intensity. A motivational video in Telugu by Squadron Leader Jayasimha. 9866018989

The Biggest Paradox.

Sometimes, in life we as confused at the end of an event as we were confused at the beginning of the event.Few questions don’t have solutions.Who is right and what is right? by Squadron Leader Jayasimha,9866018989

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