September, 2019

Run Your Own Race

All of us are running a rat race in life, comparing and trying to prove one step higher. The irony is, even if we win […]

Three Precious Diamonds

Our Values, Character and Self- Respect are the three most important things than anything else in life. Motivational video by Squadron Leader Jayasimha

Are you not scared ?

Most people would like to avoid risk and play it safe. But nothing is safe in life. Some people die while driving on the road, […]

Become a World Memory Champion

Become a World Memory Champion. Master Ten Memory Disciplines of World Memory Championships conducted by World Memory Sports Council. Learn all the Memory Disciplines ONLINE […]

Can You give me Guarantee?

Be it for Training, Education or Driving, no one can give us guarantee. For transformation to happen the Source and the Object, both should meet […]

The Biggest Paradox.

Sometimes, in life we as confused at the end of an event as we were confused at the beginning of the event.Few questions don’t have […]