Guinness Records

First Guinness Record:

1thumbEntered into Guinness World Records on 28th Dec 2005 for Remembering and Reproducing 200 random objects there by doubled the then existing World record.

Second Guinness Record:

2Has delivered longest lecture marathon on Personality Development Concepts for 120 hours from 24th march to 29th march 2007.

Third Guinness Record:

3Memorizing 20 Names and Birth dates of individuals within 2 minutes on 27th January 2008.

Fourth Guinness World Record:

4Typed 26 Letters of English Alphabet from A to Z in amazing 5.03 Seconds on 20th July 2010.

Fifth Guinness World Record:

5Participated in the Largest Barefoot walk on 12th Nov 2010.

Sixth Guinness World Record


Memorising 264 Binary numbers in one minute on 8th March 2011.

Seventh Guinness World Record:


Memorising 152 Sequence of Colours on 8th March 2011.

Eighth Guinness World Record:

8Longest Sequence of Objects Memorised – 40 in One Minute on 22nd June 2012.

Ninth Guinness World Record:

9Most Post Cards Sent from a single location 14004 on 15th July 2011.

Tenth Guinness World Record:

10Most Hugs given in one hour is 2,436 on 29th September 2012

Eleventh Guinness World Record:

11Most Number of Shoes sorted out in One Minute is 14 on 22nd June 2012.

Twelth Guinness World Record:

12Most Kisses Given in 30 seconds is 47 on 22nd June 2012.

Thirteenth Guinness World Record:


Largest Business Lesson with 2,222 participants on 17 Sep 2013.

Fourteeth Guinness World Record:


Most Week Days Identified in One Minute is 103 by Squadron Leader Jayasimha on 23 July 2015

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