The organization has been established with a noble goal of being a one stop solution for human empowerment. Our core competency is soft skills training and through this training, we intend to reach the hearts and minds of many. Led by Squadron Leader Jayasimha, the team of trainers at JMD puts in the best efforts to satiate the needs of our clients. With a high need for achievement – with its genesis with the leader – JMD is looking forward to value creation in all areas where it focuses. With the maturity of our training delivery methodologies, we always showcase quality in the way we handle assignments. We collaborate with our stakeholders at every step of the way for a collective growth.

Established in the year 2001, Jayasimha Mind Dynamics is rich in experience and diverse in the training that is offered, JMD also happens to be the only training organization for memory programs. Under the superior and ever growing leadership abilities of Squadron Leader Jayasimha, the organization has grown from being a baby, to being the best in the business of training. As an organization, JMD has so far trained more than three lakh students and adults, addressing various issues and opportunities. Having started with memory training programs, the organization now extends services in various verticals like Schools, Colleges, Corporate, and Public Programs. JMD also has the privilege of being one of the very few institutions to have produced and conducted a Television show, “Champion of Champions” in Vanitha TV and N TV; a show that encouraged kids to participate and ignite their minds. The show was a big hit, and many celebrities took part in the closing episode to bestow their blessings for JMD and its initiative.

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