Online Counselling

ad_small_2Would you like Personal online counselling by Squadron Leader Jayasimha on Skype?

Personal Counselling Sessions for Students ..(Regarding Memory, Concentration, Studies, Examination Fear, Behavioural Problems), and for Adults … (Regarding Motivation, Personality Development, Inter-Personal Relations, Art of Parenting, Career, Work – Life Balance etc.,).. by Squadron Leader Jayasimha Online through Skype.. isavailable now.

  1. You need to have Skype activated on your Laptop or Mobile for Online Counselling.
  2. One Hour Counselling Session would cost USD 90 or INR 5000/-
  3. To book your slot / an Appointment with Squadron Leader Jayasimha for Personal Counselling, fill up the form bellow and complete payment process.

Online Counselling Appointment