Speed Reading

studentsWhether you’re reading the textbooks in philosophy class, reading longemails from co-workers, or just reading the morning newspaper, chances are at one time or another you’ve wished you could read a little faster.

Speed reading is the art of silencing subvocalization. Most readers have an average reading speed of 200 wpm, which is about as fast as they can read a passage out loud. This is no coincidence. It is their inner voice that paces through the text that keeps them from achieving higher reading speeds. They can only read as fast as they can speak because that’s the way they were taught to read, through reading systems like Hooked on Phonics.

However, it is entirely possible to read at a much greater speed, with much better reading comprehension, through silencing this inner voice. The solution is simple – absorb reading material faster than that inner voice can keep up.

You can simply double your reading speed in one week, my learning

  1. Understand the concept Speed Reading
  2. Overcome the barriers of Speed Reading
  3. Learn to overcome the barriers
  4. Learn New methods of Speed Reading
  5. Overcoming Sub-vocalisation
  6. Practicing Reverse Reading
  7. Training Your Eyes
  8. How to get the Comprehension while reading fast?
  9. Brain Gym

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