Teenage is tender and delicate, and is also a decisive stage of physical and intellectual formation. At another extreme, this phase leads the career path of most college graduates. We understand the needs of training youngsters at this stage of life. Programs at this level are designed with utmost care, in consultation with Psychologists, Industrialists, Professors, Counsellors, Researchers, Practitioners, and other Government and Non-Governmental Organizations of repute. Apart from the programs we do to them, we encourage college graduates to take a wise decision of taking part in as many training programs as they could.

An overview of programs for college students are :

  • Personality Development workshops
  • Grooming and Etiquette
  • Motivational Programs
  • Interviews and Group Discussion workshops
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Team Building workshops
  • Outbound Workshops
  • Goal Setting and Time Management workshops
  • Creative Memory Workshops
  • Study Skills
  • Speed Reading Workshops
  • Speed Maths Workshops
  • College to Corporate, C2C
  • Soft Skills for Supremacy
  • Multiple Intelligence workshops
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Presentation Skills

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