“We Worry about what a child will be tomorrow,

Yet we forget that he is someone today”

schoolsAn area where JME is today, India’s leading training outfit; we offer a lot of programs that aim at development on specific issues. JME is the only institute that conducts comprehensive programs on enhancing Memory and Study Skills. These programs are most often short and simple, made-easy for the school kids. Apart from the programs mentioned here, we would also conduct a career awareness drive, and encourage parents to take part in it. This program shall be useful to help parents decide the possible career paths their children can take, immediately after schooling. For more information on this program, you may visit our website.

A glance at programs from this vertical:

  • Creative Memory and Study Skills Workshop
  • Speed Reading Workshop
  • Speed Maths Workshop
  • Motivational and Attitudinal Workshop
  • Concentration Techniques
  • Tackling Examination Fear
  • Multiple Intelligence Workshops
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Using Both Sides of the Brain
  • Study Skills Workshop
  • Art of Teaching
  • Outbound workshops
  • Team Building and Leadership Workshops
  • Goal Setting and Time Management Workshops
  • Art of Parenting Workshop

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